DIY Rope Belt

DIY Rope Belt

I have a special event tonight and wanted a spring belt for my dress but couldn’t really find what I wanted, so I decided to make one!  I had seen the tutorials for rope bracelets so I used that as a base.  I love how delicate the rope is and the nice shine it has.  Will post the full outfit for Frugal Fashion Friday.

STEP 1: Materials

Rope, leather, button, rivets

DIY Rope BeltSTEP 2: Tools

Hammer, hole punch and rotary cutter

DIY Rope Belt


STEP 3: Cut rope in half and make first loop

*Make sure you put tape around the ends so it doesn’t unravel.

DIY Rope Belt

STEP 4: Loop the other half underneath and over.

DIY Rope BeltSTEP 5: Take the bottom piece of the second rope go under, over, under.

DIY Rope Belt

STEP 6: Tighten Knot

DIY Rope Belt

STEP 7: Measure the length you require, I then cut off the excess rope.

DIY Rope Belt

STEP 8: Cut leather pieces for the back using a template you create. (I am making this up as I go!)

DIY Rope Belt


STEP 9: Hot glue the rope pieces at the end of the leather and create holes for the rivets.

DIY Rope BeltSTEP 10: Hammer rivets into holes.  Then using your hammer insert the button pieces to either side.

DIY Rope BeltVOILA we have a rope belt!!

DIY Rope BeltPictures with dress to follow!



Rivets: 30 cents

Button: 20 cents

Rope: $2

Leather: Free

Rope Belt Cost: $2.50






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